Hi! I’m Andrew Brown.

Top rated full-time retoucher with 10+ years of photo editing experience. I’ve been working with beauty photographers and fashion brands such as: cadoganman.com, kabbacustom.com, energetiks.com.au, danceshopper.com, Hernan J Sanchez, Nafa Adad, Brindusa Fidanza, Kevin Bennett, Erick Lin, Pedram Nourazar, Damien Mohn, Ina Cenusa, Gromovataya Irina and others.

I have great experience at editing fashion, beauty and commercial photography. My specialization is high-end portrait editing. I’m very good at skin editing, matching skintones and dodge and burn skin editing with keeping good skin texture, smoothing skin without blur effects.

Check out my YouTube channel to learn more about my workflow. And on my Instagram page you’ll find latest images.

Please take a look at some examples in my portfolio. Feel free to get in touch with me at any time if you have any questions.

Best regards!


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